ORGANIC StoreBeauty and Skin, Hair & Nail care, Supplements, Protein powders, Super-foods, Essential Oils, Fresh Produce, Organic Dairy/Dairy alternatives, Whole-foods, Cards, Magazine & Books, Cleaning products, Gardening products, Organic Pet-care products, Alkaline water & Water purifiers/ionizers, Air purifiers/ionizers, Tea, Coffee and Coffee alternatives, Tea pots, cups and mugs, House-hold and Kitchen products, fast blenders, Ice cream makers, Dehydrators, Candles and Bug repellents, YOGA Mats, foot massage balls, Hand Exerciser Kit, camping accessories etc.

Eco-giftOrganic cotton clothing, Bamboo kids clothing, blankets, pillows & socks, Hand-made bags, Stone Pots, wide range of Cards, stickers, Himalayan salt rocks, Oil burners and organic oils, Crystals, Bamboo Sunglasses, Energy Pendants, Bamboo Kitchenware, wide range of cups, mugs and drinking bottles, Eco-stationery, Bandanas, Beach towels, Eco-friendly toys and dolls, etc.


Variety of salads, Platters, Pizzas, Savory cakes, Breakfasts etc.

Our outdoor sitting area is stunningly beautiful facing a natural waterfall.
Ample parking areas make Hungry Elephant the perfect setting for groups, families and kids.

Tea and Coffee House,

A huge variety of organic tea/herbal teas, Organic coffee, Organic Milk/Nut milk, Iced tea etc.


A huge variety of sugar/dairy/oil-free, No gluten, raw sweets, home-made Muffins etc.



Hungry Elephant is a Licensed Café; our Bar serves No Added Sulphite, Preservative-free, Organic, Vegan, locally made and Natural options.


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Business Hours:

Tuesday-Friday                              8.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Saturday & Sunday                              8.30 AM  to 6.00 PM

*Closed on Public Holidays

*Our Café closes at 4 PM daily but the sweets and some cabinet options will be available until 5-6 PM. The Store and Eco-gift shop is open until 6 PM.


Telephone: 09 422 9176

Address: 615 Matakana Road, Warkworth 0985